UK Port Closures Due to Adverse Weather

Due to the winter weather conditions, London Gateway, Felixstowe and Tilbury ports have all suffered long closures and Doncaster rail terminal is also closed.

Felixstowe has been closed since 22.00hrs on Monday evening. All train services ex Felixstowe have failed to depart. Felixstowe currently still remains closed, meaning no containers have left Felixstowe yesterday or today. At the time of writing, the port still remains closed and we do not know when it will re-open.

To compound things further, the Met office are issuing further weather warnings for the next 72 hours including the arrival of storm ‘Emma’ which carries more snow and strong gusts.

We therefore apologise in advance of the inevitable failed and delayed deliveries which will occur. We will endeavour to do all we can during this difficult time. Road conditions are also a factor and therefore we would seek your understanding on any late arrivals at delivery points.

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