eNewsletters 2011

DECEMBER 2011 – Issue 101
Established in 2006, Globelink Uniexco is a collaboration with Globelink’s long time partner who has more than 40 years of experience in cargo imports and exports and the first sea freight cargo consolidation…

NOVEMBER 2011 – Issue 100

Globelink Opens in Morocco
CWT Globelink is pleased to announce the establishment of Globelink T.M.B. in Morocco. Located in North Africa, Rabat is Morocco’s capital city with Casablanca as its largest city and also its main port…Read More »

OCTOBER 2011 – Issue 99

Globelink Opens in Turkey
It is with immense pleasure that CWT Globelink announces its new office – Globelink Unimar in Turkey. This is a union of a long standing relationship between two close working partners who have been working together for more than 13 years and are very familiar to the …Read More »

SEPTEMBER 2011 – Issue 98

Country Focus – Mediterranean
Mediterranean – derived from the Latin word mediterraneus, literally means “sea between lands” is on account of the region’s intermediary position between the continents of Africa and Europe. The Mediterranean region is defined as countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea…Read More »

AUGUST 2011 – Issue 97

Country Focus – Globelink Vietnam
Globelink Vietnam started operations in March 2006 and has evolved over the years to become a leading NVOCC operator and well known LCL consolidation player in Vietnam. In May 2011, Globelink Vietnam also played host to CWT Globelink Group’s CEO Summit…Read More »

JULY 2011 – Issue 96

Country Focus – Latin America
Latin America is made up of developing and emerging markets and is divided into 20 independent countries and 10 other political units. Brazil is by far the largest country in Latin America both in area and in population and it occupies more than 40 percent…Read More »

JUNE 2011 – Issue 95

Country Focus – Globelink korea
Based in South Korea, Globelink Korea under the umbrella of the CWT Globelink Group offers shipping service of the highest quality to client with its neutral NVOCC position.Established in 2005, Globelink Korea has enjoyed remarkable success and growth as…Read More »

MAY 2011 – Issue 94

Country Focus – CWT Globelink Singapore
Founded in 1988 with a staff strength of 170, CWT Globelink is the largest NVOCC in Singapore and the market leader in terms of service connectivity and trade routes. Other than its main core business of ocean freight LCL consolidation,…Read More »

APRIL 2011 – Issue 93

Globelink Opens Costa Rica & Guatemala Offices
It is with great pleasure that CWT Globelink announce the establishment of 2 new Globelink offices in Central America – Globelink Aeroceano Costa Rica and Globelink Aeroceano Guatemala. This marks CWT Globelink Group’s first foray into…Read More »

MARCH 2011 – Issue 92

Globelink Opens Romania Office
Fully operational from 21st March 2011, CWT Globelink’s newest addition to the family, Globelink International (Romania) SRL has a full range of services to offer its clients and support the group’s network. Located at the cross junction of Central and…Read More »

FEBRUARY 2011 – Issue 91

CFS Safety Review 2010
CWT Globelink has been acknowledged for its efforts at creating a safer CFS environment and has been presented with a safety award. CWT Globelink Group’s executive chairman, Mr. Tan Choon Wei is proud to receive this award from Port of Singapore Authority (PSA)…Read More »

JANUARY 2011 – Issue 90

JANUARY 2011 – Issue 90

Opening Message for 2011
The world economy generally made some recovery in 2010 albeit concerns over the slow recovery in US and Europe still persist. However, both sea and air freight reported increase in volume worldwide, with some trade lanes even surpassing volumes in 2008…Read More »

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